Journey Of Making 1Million Online

Authentic and Real Story Of How We Try To Make One Million Dollars Online


I don’t recall having come across any website that put a foreword on the homepage but for this site, I guess it makes sense too. Having been in the web design and internet marketing for over ten years (and nope we haven’t made our million yet), building this site is nothing like any site I have built before (I must have built hundreds if not thousands of sites).

We are a couple from Singapore who have made a decision to try to make a million dollars (in case you are pondering what currency this is in, since we have decided to make an international site, we will denote this in US dollars.

Having been in the internet industry of over a decade, I have seen most people fail and only a few people succeed. At the time of writing, I know a handful of guys who are making real money working full time on the internet (and yes I have seen proof of their claims and I’m talking about income near or in excess of USD$10,000 monthly). They can work from home (location freedom) as long as they have access to the internet and to a large extent “time freedom”. Now do not mistake this for “working very little for a lot of money”. They do still work several hours a day, the big difference is they can choose their working hours which suits their lifestyle (think sleeping hours and family commitment).

We are in the internet age and unless you are a hermit who is living off the grid, there is a growing group of people making money (full time) and some are in fact doing very well on the internet. This site is dedicated to documenting our journey in trying to make a million dollars on the internet. A journey made by real people who will make real mistakes and we promise to be as authentic with our experience during this journey.iStock_000004886744_Small

Will we make it? Only time will tell.

“Make One Million” related keywords in Google Keyword Planner

One of the reasons we chose the domain “” for our project is because it pretty much represents how we are trying to do. And of course, we take to take a “data-driven approach” when we try to make money online, the keywords related to “make one million” are pretty high in search volume and we are working to rank for those keywords.  Below is the breakdown of the top 30 keywords by search volume (exact match) from Google Keyword Planner (all locations and English). For those of you who do not know what the Google keyword planner is, it essentially is a tool from Google that shows us how many searches there are for any keywords (filtered by locations and languages).

If this site ranks for all the keywords above (international audience, English language), the total searches for these keywords in Google totals 1,255,380 (1.255 million).

So as you can see, the subject of making money from the internet is one pretty hot topic. And I know for certain the internet marketing industry is worth quite bit and there are many people making money successfully (from some part time income to a selected few making millions).

The idea of making money from the internet is really appealing, arm yourself with the relevant skill-sets (web design, internet marketing skills), find a way (or many ways) to monetize your time and effort online and voila! If you can make more than what your regular job pays you consistently – welcome to the world of making money from the internet!

How To Make A Million From The Internet?

While we do have some wide ideas on how to proceed, I truly can not supply details on specifically what we are going to do. In all honestly, while we do have experience aiding offline customers (companies) with web marketing work, it is pretty much a new field for us to produce revenue from the net straight. Ideas like associate advertising, development of electronic items enter your mind. While we have some encounter doing this for customers, doing this for ourselves is a totally various ball game. It’s essentially mind storming suggestions from scratch so along the way, we will certainly make errors, great deals of hits and misses (most likely a lot more misses out on compared to hits as usual) yet heck, allow us to’s simply attempt this.

While I DO actually wish to be successful in this (besides who DOES’NT wish to be a millionaire?), this project is work in progress as well as God understands if we will succeed or not. We are going to get creative and try various means (lawful) to make cash online.

We can try to make one million dollars by marketing something with a one million dollar earnings to a solitary consumer or make $1 earnings each from marketing to 1000,000 (1 million) clients.

Or another way I like is to develop an internet company where I could obtain $1000 in profit per month (and I wait 1000 months, around 83.33 years) making a million.

Nevertheless I would be dead already, however you understand, we will experiment a little bit as well as state make $10,000 in earnings monthly as well as wait on 100 months (8.33 years) to make a million bucks.

Can’t wait that long? Well $20,000 profits monthly would make us a million in half that time. Alright enough of the math, you understand of just how we intend to approach this.

Ideas For Making $1,000,000 Online

The broad ideas for making $1000,000 online are from internet marketing. We will be exploring ideas like affiliate marketing, advertising revenue and any interesting ideas that we can possible get our hands on. Also top on our list is forex trading, although not internet marketing, forex trading requires some capital, forex trading knowledge and an internet access where you can trade as long as you are connected online. Like internet marketing, forex trading allows one to achieve location independence (as long as you can get online) and yes we know several forex traders who have replaced their full time job by trading forex.

Make Money From Internet Marketing
Essentially we will explore anything as long as it makes money legally
Some examples are affiliate marketing, online advertising revenue, digital products/services and just about any possibility!
Forex Trading
We know successful traders and yes we are going to make money from forex
Maybe some of you have been burnt by trading in forex or even scammed by unscrupulous brokers or self-claimed forex trainers. Well that’s not stopping us as we know very successful traders who running successful forex courses that has helped many to achieve financial freedom.
Profit From The Upcoming Crisis
Global Reccession or Depression, Financial Reset or maybe even World War 3?
We might sound crazy here but the whole world is drowning in debt. If you want to make money, we believe understanding world events, basic economics and finance can be a great help.