As a local mainland Chinese, I do believe I offer better “advice” as to where you should visit in China as opposed to experience China for what she has to offer. China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and is the birth place for many of Man’s inventions that changed the world (Paper, Printing Press, Gunpowder and the Compass).

If you are planning for a trip to China, allow me (as a local Chinese) to share my views on where you should really go to maximize your experience in China.

About China – Information About China

Pls share china’s location, number of provinces, cities, population and currency

About China – Biggest Cities in China

Cover Bei Shang Guang Shen here.

History of China

Please share about China’s beginnings, a brief history of China’s dynasties

Visit Beijing – Capital Of China

A quick guide to Beijing (history, population, location)

Visa to Visiting China

Guide to visa requirements for visiting China

Flights to China

A list of major airports in China

Tour Beijing – Places of Interests In Beijing

a list of places of interests in Beijing

Beijing Day Tour

If you only have a day to spare, where should you go?

Great Wall Of China – Ba Da Ling

Great wall tour

List of China Tourist Attractions – Places to go and Things to do in China

a list of chinese tourist attractions

Most Beautiful Places to Visit In China (For nature lovers)

A list of beautiful nature places to visit

China Travel Tips

A list of tips to travelling in China (fake currency, bargain huntings)

Famous Landmarks In China

When to visit China? National Holidays In China

Best time to visit China (for different areas) and the major holidays in China to avoid the crowd

YangTze Cruise

Must See Places In China Before You Die – Add this to your bucket list

A list of must see places in China before death